Link2Web Ltd, a company registered in UK, is a leading 1-wire based construction and production company. The company was established in 2005 together with Swedish shareholders after they ended hardware and software development on an Internet based tool for Energy Management. Today more then 100 Energy Management contracts are signed by clients in Sweden and Denmark shoving high profitabillity by reduction on energy consumption. Our 1-Wire based products are ideally suited to be interfaced with the embedded controller TINI from Dallas Semiconductor or any standard PC's for control, monitoring and reporting.

We have, as a specialist, skill to design, manufacture and commission Internet and 1-wire based products to specific needs. Our designs are used for NetController and NetHome, an additional usage of the same hardware for measurement of heating, electricity and water for each apartment and transmit consumer data over the Internet and thereby change tenants behavior and there cost of living.

Bali Facility Management AB, Sweden is responsible for Marketing and Energy Management services.

Last modified: 01/12/05