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Energy Management (EM)

Are you concerned about: actual high energy prices ? ongoing enveromental pollution ? The economi of your building management ? Take control on the energy usage of your bilding by an EM contract including a building automation system on a rental fee. By the EM contract you get on effective control on the yearly energy usage and normaly a 15% reduction thrue adaption of radiators temperature level to the actual need measured by indoor temperature sensors. On Run-Time falure a E-mail will be transmitted to our office and

activities for correction will be started.

Increased control of energy cost according to budget values will be managed be continuing monthly energy reports on building home page. The used energy will be presented before the actual bill is arriving.

Included building automation system is delivered on a rental base, securing that no investments are neaded and all cost will be covered by the running years energy budget. The system is easely installed thrue radiocommenication and adaption to exesting motorvalves and control circuits for pumps. Installation and Start Up will be done without interfire with indoor temperatures or warmwater supply


The EM service is based on a 3-year validity and supported by a quaranty that stipulate that 80% of all payment on rental fee and energy management fee shall be covered by the value of the ashieved savings. If not the differenz will be refonded after each fullfilled year.

Last modified: 01/12/05