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BINI, a TINI (® Dallas Semiconductor) as a ready made complete micro controller-based platform that executes code for embedded web servers. BINI networked micro controller includes features for network enabling embedded systems.

What is BINI?

The Basic Internet Network Interface (BINI), more often referred to as the TINI® Dallas Semiconductor, is a one board, complete Java™ runtime environment for developing network-aware applications based on the DS80C400. As IP networks have become more pervasive, it is now necessary to network-enable embedded systems. However, network protocols tend to be complicated to code and require a lengthy test cycle. The TINI® runtime environment provides a full TCP IPv4/6 protocol stack verified for compliance to Internet standards. The network stack is driven by a multitasking operating system (TINI®-OS). Using the runtime environment and its built-in APIs, a developer can quickly write embedded applications that are network-aware.

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Last modified: 01/12/05